Today we want to explain how to stake your $BYG into the pools

We recommend using the Metamask wallet. First, you need to connect the wallet where you have $BYG tokens.

Also remember that besides $BYG you need to have some $BNB tokens to pay for gas.

On the pool box you will see:

To Stake you need to press Stake button

And your Metamask will open to proceed with the transaction. The first transaction is the Approving transaction. After you sent it you need to wait till it will be processed (please do not close or refresh the page). Then you will see a green label “Approve success” and your Metamask will open again for Stake transaction. After it is sent you will see a green notification label

Also, Stake button will be disabled and Unstake button will be enabled.

Note: You can unstake your tokens any time, but you will lose your slot in the pool.

If you do have not enough $BYG tokens for stake your approval transaction will show a red error label and request for Staking transaction will not appear.

After staking starts you will see a countdown for when staking will finish

After that period you will need to press Claim reward and then Unstake buttons. After executing both transactions you will get back your $BYG tokens to your wallet and will get a reward NFT.

All Black Eye Galaxy NFTs you will see on our website on the My Assets page

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