First ever auction is on SCV.Finance at 18.10.21 at 8 am UTC.
Will run for a complete 24 hour period.

To our wonderful Black Eye Galaxy community! We’re happy to announce that we will be running a limited sale on SCV.Finance on 18.10.21.

It will be an auction and the…

Limited edition HoDooi Star Alliance CaH

We are very happy to announce that another great project has decided to create a partnership with us to buy planets in Black Eye Galaxy. HoDooi, the marketplace to create, buy, sell and re-sell NFTs, will buy 3 Star Systems (10 planets in total) to create the HoDooi Star Alliance…

To our wonderful Black Eye Galaxy community!

We are pleased to announce our next sale which will occur on 8/10/21 at 8 am UTC. A new type of Spaceship — Asteroid Hunters — will be our next
in-game NFT release. …

Today we are releasing details about asteroid mining!

So first of all you need to have a special spaceship, that has equipment needed for this process. This is called the Asteroids Hunter spaceship.

What they are and the utility behind them! They are endless are scattered among the star systems. How many will you find?

We are excited to reveal our asteroids that will be used in Black Eye Galaxy, what they are and how users can earn BYG by finding them.


Our intergalactic marketplace will be live Monday, 2pm UTC marks a highly anticipated milestone for Black Eye Galaxy. Community members can now buy a limited collection of Planets, Discovery Ships and Cargo Ships. Planets range in price, so choose wisely. …

Here is the timeline and details of what will happen 20.09!

2PM UTC Black Eye Galaxy marketplace will be opened. The majority of our initial sale will be present on it by fixed price

3PM UTC We will some extra assets on Babylons marketplace

Here are the prices for our…

Cargo Spaceships

Cargo ships transport mined resources from planets to the marketplace on Iris. Planet owners pay 25% fee from mined resources to cover transportation cost. Earned money is distributed among all cargo ships that are leased to cargo.

  1. To start earning on you cargo ship press Lease for freight…

When you buy a planet the first thing to do is to discover the planets’ natural resources.

This is an operation that requires a specially equipped Geo-exploration spaceship.

Later those ships will be available to buy, but for now this service is executed by Iris fleet and you just pay…

Happy to announce that Black Eye Galaxy partners with Babylons marketplace to provide extra service to our investors! We have completed integration and all our in-game assets will be tradable on the Babylons marketplace.

We believe that this will bring more awareness to BYG from the gaming community. Also using Baylon's UI you can easily transfer NFTs to any other Metamask wallet.

There will be three (3) links: — for trading Planets — for trading Star Alliance cards — for trading Spaceships.

On 20.09, we will put a part of our initial sale on Babylons. All assets will be sold in $BYG.

Black Eye Galaxy

Decentralized cross-chain virtual world

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